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Air Rifle Cordless Resetting Targets
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We are proud of our range of second shot cordless targets that we invented in 1998 and which have proved such a success. The principal is the same with all types, a shot on the disc, head or top shape will cause it to fall flat and a shot on the lower kill area will make it pop back up. Simplicity with reliability.

No Strings - No Springs - No Consumables

To celebrate their 20 years as the UK’s number one target maker Nockover Targets have brought together their tried and trusted “knock down, knock up" mechanism with a large version of the standard Rabbit field target, to form :

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Cordless Practice Field Targets
3mm thick metal, zinc coated, genuine field target front plates welded over resetting "standard practice target" gives competition practice without strings. Painted black with yellow "kill" zones of 40 or 25mm and a lower reset disc of 40mm diameter it is easy to see where the "misses" hit and record your successes. Available in 8 different shapes: Rabbit, Rook, Rat, Squirrel, Magpie, Square, Diamond and Moon.
Cordless Practice Field Target £21.20
details and purchase

Double Target
Head falls and is reset by shot through the lower hole.
Very popular and reliable.
Double Pigeon 18.95

Double Pigeon
Pigeon details and purchase

Double Target with wing
Targets as above but with the addition of a moveable "wing" with two different kill areas
Double Pigeon & reducing wing £23.95

Pigeon and wing
Pigeon and Wing details and purchase

Spinner Targets
Available in single or double versions
Price Single Spinner £7.50
Price Double Spinner £12.75

Cordless Spinner Targets
  Double - Single Spinners
details and purchase
Silhouette on Spike Target
Falls flat and is reset by lower 40mm disc
Silhouette on Spike Target 13.50
Turkey Silhouette
Bird Silhouette

Standard Practice Target
45mm top disc reset by 40mm lower disc.

Ultimate Practice Target
This version has a reducing steel plate with 15 and 25mm holes which can be swung across and covers the lower 40mm disc

Standard Practice Ultimate Practice
Ultimate details and purchase

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