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We ship our targets worldwide
Double Spinner
Field Target Squirrel
Cordless resetting pigeon target
Field target moon
Practice Field Target
All targets made to order usually despatched within a few days
Made in UK Nockover Targets
The Premier UK Airgun Target Manufacturer
Now fully open. Some deliveries are taking longer due to current situation.

A range of high quality metal targets for air rifles and pistols. The cord reset Field Targets are designed to simulate hunting in the field, they will only fall when hit in the kill zone. These laser cut steel shapes are available in a variety of very realistic animal and non animal designs. The cordless range bring the novelty of reactive targets for practice and fun..
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Testing Field Target Targets - click to view
In response to queries from a number of our customers we wish to make it clear that all mechanisms and designs used in our targets are the result our own original thinking over 20 years.
Chinese manufactured copies of our mechanisms are exactly that. Copies not "new". We also make it clear that we have no connection, financial or otherwise with these companies.
Quality Targets
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Our range of high quality steel airgun targets have been developed and improved over 15 years to give the reliability and performance which is synonymous with the name of Nockover Targets.
Why buy our targets?
Quality - any supplier can offer a pretty painted front, but our customers buy not because of the front, but because of what you don't see - the back mechanism! Reliable, Simple, Dependable. Our targets are designed and built to take a real pounding over many years of heavy use, and yet, they will still function as if they were new.
View our range of airgun targets.
    We ship our targets worldwide

All standard targets come with "kill" areas of 40mm or 25mm diameter in line with B.F.T.A. (British Field Target Association) regulations.
Rabbit Field Target  with cord,winder  and stakes INCLUDED

All of our Field Targets are supplied complete with 50 metres of orange reset cord and 4 galvanised fixing stakes. (Shown with Rabbit Field Target )
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