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All targets made to order usually despatched within a few days
We have two ranges of all Steel Shooting Targets for Air Rifles and Air Pistols
Field Targets
Cordless Resetting
These targets will fall backwards when hit in the 40mm, 25mm or 15mm kill zone. They are reset by pulling on the supplied cord.
Examples shown below Rat and Magpie. Suitable for Air Rifles only.
  A shot target falls when hit, and is reset by shooting another target. Examples shown below Turkey silhouette and Nockover 4. Available for Air rifles only.
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Rat Field Target Magpie Field Target Turkey Silhouette Cordless Resetting Nockover 4 Cordless resetting
Field Target examples Cordless Resetting examples
Miscellaneous Targets
Targets that we manufacture that do not fit into either of the above two categories
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