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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about our targets or company you may find the answers here.
Any answers to your questions not covered here can be submitted to us using the form on the contact page.

Are your targets suitable for use with live rounds, i.e. .22 rimfire?
No, our targets are designed and manufactured for Airguns only
Will they work with Air pistols?
Our Field Targets operate (will fall when hit) with only 1ft/lb so they are very suitable for air pistols as well as air rifles. They can be used at ranges from 6 to 60 yards without adjustment.
The cordless targets will not reset with most pistols as they require 3ft/LB
How big are they?
Field targets are approximately 250mm high.
Cordless targets vary, but the small bird is house sparrow size.
The Nockover 6 is the largest standard target we make at 260mm high and 315mm wide
What about ricochets?
Only lead pellets should be used. Any hitting a flat non-moving part will be stopped. NOTE For safety in case of misses, we strongly recommend a safe backstop is used as with any target.
How do I keep my target looking as good as when I bought it?
Unfortunately there is no such thing as pellet proof paint, so you have to accept that the paint will come off. We recommend Halfords car paints for a quick touch up.
How often should I oil them?
Good targets are those which operate easily with a tap from your fingers. In principle you cannot have too much oil!
Will they work with my BB gun?
BB's are steel balls and they will bounce back at you with the same force as they went out! Don't use steel on steel.
How far away should my targets be placed?
All Nockover targets will work as far away as you can hit them. We suggest you place targets at various distances to test your skill. 6yds is the recommended shortest distance to avoid any pellet bounce back.
Do you sell guns and other accessories?
No sorry, we only make and sell targets.
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