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All targets made to order usually despatched within a few days


Our spares shop uses a different shopping cart than the rest of the site, you will not be able to mix spares and targets. Please shop for these items separately.

All items are zinc coated and shown flat (for photographic purposes) but will be supplied formed and welded ready for use where applicable, but unpainted. Please ask for quantity prices.
Pivot bolts, nuts, and springs available on request e-mail
Minium order value for spares is £10.00
All prices include post and packing.
Spares Spare 50m Reset Cord
spare cord
Spare Spring
spare spring
1. Disc for Resetting Disc/Standard Practice £3.50 inc p/p
2. Disc for Nockover 6 £3.50 inc p/p
3. Bird £4.50 inc p/p
4. Duck Head £3.50 inc p/p
5. Pigeon Head £3.50 inc p/p
6. Field Target Striker £5.50 inc p/p
7. Reset arm for Resetting Bird/Disc £4.50 inc p/p
8. Reset arm for Standard Practice/Nockover 6 £4.50 inc p/p
9. Duck/Pigeon reset striker
£4.50 inc p/p
10. American Silhouette - Ram £5.00 inc p/p
11. American Silhouette - Pig £4.50 inc p/p
12. American Silhouette - Turkey £4.50 inc p/p
13. American Silhouette - Chicken £4.50 inc p/p
Spring £0.75 inc p/p
Spare reset cord 50m rotproof, waterproof £1.50 inc p/p
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