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Air Rifle and Air Pistol Field Targets

The sport of air rifle Field Target Shooting is well established and the Nockover range of targets is accepted as the standard and used by most clubs. They have been used exclusively in the last five world championships.

Field targets fall backwards when a pellet passes through the 40mm or 25mm "kill" zone. A hit on the front face has no effect. The targets are supplied complete with 50m orange reset cord for pulling the targets back up and requires the minimum of effort. Four galvanised metal stakes are also provided to fix the targets into the ground.

A range of five different shapes is available simulating approved air rifle quarry. For those who wish it, a circular, square and diamond non-animal shapes are also offered with 40mm or 25mm "kill" zone.

We are always pleased to have your enquiries for special items. "Specials our speciality" see the specials page.

Field Target Rat
now available with
15mm kill zone
Field Target Squirrel   

Field Target Rabbit

Rat details and purchase Squirrel also available with 15mm kill zone details and purchase Rabbit details and purchase

These targets are now offered with the popular Flat Base only priced at £24.60 each

Field Target Square

Field Target Diamond
Field Target Moon

All Our Targets Are



in the UK

Square details and purchase Diamond details and purchase Moon details and purchase  
Field Target Large Rook Multihole Rook
40/25/15mm diameter kill sizes
details and purchase
Field Target Magpie Field target Rook
    Magpie details and purchase Rook details and purchase
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